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Material Material Price-March 27, 2023

The material price for powder metallurgy materials listed on our website is for reference purposes only.

The actual cost of the materials may vary based on several factors such as the order quantity, specific material requirements, and current market conditions.

While we make every effort to keep our pricing up-to-date and accurate, we reserve the right to make changes to the prices without prior notice.

We encourage our customers to contact us for a customized quote based on their specific requirements.

Our experienced sales team is always available to provide guidance and support to help our customers select the right powder metallurgy materials for their specific applications at a competitive price point.

1 USD=6.85 CNYUpdated: March 27, 2023
Powder DescriptionProduct NumberUnit Price(USD/TON)Remark
Copper & Iron PowderCDHF-01-10%CuUSD 2,510.9580 Mesh (Physical Process)
Copper & Iron PowderCDHF-02-10%CuUSD 2,627.74100 Mesh (Physical Process)
Copper & Iron Powder (Low Noise)CDHF-03-10%CuUSD 2,744.53100 Mesh (Physical Process)
Electrolytic Nickel PowderRYXCL-01USD 35,328.47
Carbonyl Nickel PowderRYXCL-02USD 33,868.61
Atomized Nickel PowderRYXCL-03USD 32,116.79
Reduced Nickel PowderRYXCL-04USD 32,116.79
Chrome powderRYXCL-05USD 17,518.25
Titanium powderRYXCL-06USD 29,197.08
Manganese powderRYXCL-07USD 7,299.27
Zinc PowderRYXCL-08USD 5,109.49
Extracted Cobalt powderRYXCL-09USD 51,094.89
Electrolytic Copper PowderYYFM-FTDUSD 11,240.88
Electrolytic Copper PowderYYFM-0.7-1.3USD 11,386.86
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-01USD 12,686.13CuPb10Sn10 (10-10)
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-02USD 10,043.80CuPb24Sn (24-1)
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-03USD 12,116.79CuPb3Sn6Zn6 (6-6-3)
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-04USD 13,386.86CuSn8Ni (8-1)
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-05USD 12,861.31CuSn6.5P0.1 (6.5-0.1)
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-06USD 14,437.96CuSn10
Bronze PowderJHSFCK-07USD 11,328.47660
Copper PowderTLXJ-FTW1.AUSD 10,846.72100 Mesh
Copper PowderTLXJ-FTW2.AUSD 10,919.71200 Mesh
Copper PowderTLXJ-FTW3.AUSD 11,138.69300 Mesh
303L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-01USD 6,423.36
409LE Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-02USD 4,963.50
410 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-03USD 4,525.55
304LSC Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-04USD 7,007.30
316LSC Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-05USD 10,218.98
314 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-06USD 12,116.79
317L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-07USD 9,927.01
434LNb Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-08USD 4,963.50
430 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-09USD 4,671.53
434L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-10USD 4,817.52
434 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-11USD 4,817.52
316 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-12USD 8,029.20
420 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-13USD 4,525.55
304 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-14USD 5,547.45
303LSC Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-15USD 7,153.28
303 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-16USD 5,547.45
304L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-17USD 6,277.37
316L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-18USD 8,613.14
310 Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-19USD 11,824.82
409L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-20USD 4,671.53
410L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-21USD 4,525.55
430L Stainless Steel PowderHLFD-22USD 4,671.53
Iron PowderHZYT-300WUSD 978.10
Iron PowderHZYT-300WGUSD 1,124.09
Ni & Mo Low Alloy Steel PowderHZYT-1300WAUSD 2,598.54
Diffusion Low Alloy Steel PowderHZYT-2300WAUSD 2,890.51
Diffusion Low Alloy Steel PowderHZYT-2300WBUSD 3,620.44
Mo Pre-alloyed Steel Powder HZYT-4300WBUSD 2,087.59
Mo Pre-alloyed Steel Powder HZYT-4300WCUSD 2,773.72
Sintered Hardening PowderHZYT-5300WAUSD 3,255.47
Sintered Hardening PowderHZYT-5300WBUSD 2,875.91
Copper & Iron PowderHZYT-FeCu20AUSD 4,014.60
Copper & Iron PowderHZYT-FeCu20BUSD 4,160.58
Iron PowderDTFM-100.23USD 919.71100 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-100.25USD 934.31100 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-100.27USD 934.31100 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-80.23USD 919.7180 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-80.25USD 905.1180 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-80.27USD 934.3180 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-200USD 1,109.49200 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-300USD 1,197.08300 Mesh
Iron PowderDTFM-600USD 3,532.85600~1000 Mesh
Iron PowderHGNS-AHC100.29USD 2,091.97
Iron PowderHGNS-ABC100.30USD 2,667.15
Sponge Iron PowderHGNS-MH80.23USD 2,743.07
Sponge Iron PowderHGNS-NC100.24USD 2,561.31
Diffusion Alloy PowderHGNS-Distaloy ABUSD 4,544.53
Diffusion Alloy PowderHGNS-Distaloy AEUSD 5,543.07

*The above prices are for reference only. Our company does not guarantee the complete accuracy of all or part of the information. If you need to buy in bulk, please contact us.

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