Powder Metallurgy Applications | BLUE

Explore the versatile applications of powder metal parts across industries, unleashing their powerful potential for enhanced performance and innovation.


The automotive industry has been the largest consumer of powder metallurgy components for various reasons including application inventiveness, part-to-part consistency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of material and shape.

The process provides low tool costs as compared to other metal forming processes and produces automotive parts with complex shapes, smooth surface finish, high strength and resistance, and controlled porosity.

We provide high-quality powder metallurgy automotive parts manufacturers in China including oil pump rotors & gears, water pump pulleys, shock absorbers, and synchronizer hubs, etc.

1-Automobile Oil Pump Rotor
2-Motorcycle Shock Absorber


BLUE has a state-of-the-art powder metallurgy engineering system, highly capable to provide you with professional powder metallurgy motorcycle parts.

From motorcycle gears and sprockets to complex structural motorcycle parts, we have the expertise and capabilities to produce customized parts that meet the most demanding quality standards.

Our products made with powder metallurgy processes including connecting rods, gears, sprockets, and clutch plates are cost-effective, durable, and reliable, ensuring premium quality for our customers.

Household Appliance

Powder metallurgy is a material-saving and energy-saving technology that can manufacture high-precision, complex-shaped compressor cylinder heads, refrigeration compressors, vacuum cleaners, fans and other household appliance accessories.

The powder metallurgy process is of great significance to the maintenance of ecology, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving, reduction of production costs and product quality.

In BLUE, we produce high-standard and complex structure home appliances, as well as some parts with specific performance and performance.

3-Juicer Oil Bushing
4-Electric Tool Gear Box

Electric Tool

The powder metallurgy process plays an important role in electric tool manufacturing, providing the necessary accuracy and reliability for complex and small electrical parts and components.

The metal powders and maintaining some features of each has advanced powder metallurgy techniques and exhibit high resistance to corrosion electric tool and electric parts including electric motor parts, brush cutter blades, etc.

The process produces complex and unique strength electric tools with high strength. It is highly cost-effective and has no or minimal waste during production.

Medical Instrument

The medical industry has seen significant growth and increasing popularity of powder metallurgy-based instrumentation in recent years.

The metal injection molding process (MIM) produces miniature or miniaturized medical devices within the tight tolerance levels required to ensure reliable function.

BLUE has extensive expertise in producing a range of micro-instruments for medical devices and equipment, including dental scalers, surgical forceps, medical dispensing equipment and planetary drives.

We are proud to support this field over the past few years with highly specialized custom products for critical medical devices and various orthopedic applications.

5-Medical Instrument Sintered Part
6-Mechanical Equipment Sintered Filter Element

Mechanical Equipment

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