Powder Metallurgy Automotive Parts

BLUE offers high-quality powder metallurgy automotive parts, and services worldwide. We have a strict quality inspection, and the latest equipment, with a team of experts with extensive knowledge.

Application of Powder Metallurgy Parts in Automobiles


Oil Pump

A mechanical device that is used in an engine to circulate oil to improve the efficiency of oil pump rotor and gear.


Water Pump

Water pumps are performing as the heart of the cooling system. Ensures the coolent keeps moving through the engine parts.


Shock Absorber

Help to control the spring-mounted vehicle's unwanted motion to vehicle's tyres in contact with the road surface.


Synchronizer Hub

Powder metal parts enable smooth gear shifting in vehicles with manual and dual-clutch transmissions.

Oil Pump Rotor & Gear Automotive

Oil Pump Rotor & Gear

The oil pump rotor has four or five exterior lobes rotating inside an outer ring and five or six interior lobes. As the inner rotor’s axis was replaced with the outer ring’s axis, the inner rotor operate the outer ring, due to which the volume between the lobes changed.

As a result, the oil is driven out of the pump discharge tube after became trapped between the lobes. For rotor-type oil pump a pressure relief valve was also required.

While the oil pump gears are rotated within the tight-fitting casing and are made up of two meshing gears. The gears carried the oil which was delivered into the pump using the gear teeth meshing which transported a steady stream of oil to the engine’s components.

Water Pump Pulley

The main purpose water pump pully is to shift the movement of the drive belt into the bearing spindle. The pulley in the water pump receives the engine friction/traction and arbitrates the amount of torque so in short, it behaves as a medium between the two.

The pulley should be made up of strong material like cast iron, steel, or sheet metal and also should be lightweight and durable at the same time, as it experiences a lot of force and pressure from the drive belt.

At BLUE, we provide high-strength premium powder metallurgy solutions for automobile water pump pully and its components. we use advanced processes and high-quality materials, resulting in a strong, durable, and wear-resistant product.

Water Pump Pulley Automotive
Shock Absorber Parts Automotive

Shock Absorber Parts

The shock absorber is made up of several different parts including piston, valve, seals, bushing, and coil spring.

In the shock absorber there is a cylindrical piece of metal called a piston attached to the suspension system that moves up and down in the chamber of hydraulic fluid helps to absorb the shocks and vibrations.

The valve helps to control the flow of fluid through the shock absorber and the seal prevents the hydraulic fluid from leaking out. Bushing help to reduce friction between the hydraulic fluid chamber and the piston. The coil spring helps to support the weight of the vehicle.

BLUE has developed a wide range of shock absorber parts for automotive industries. We perform a full inspection can ensure that every part is consistent before shipment.

Synchronizer Hub

A Synchronizer hub is a powder metal part that synchronizes mechanical connections during the gear change in the transmission widely used in automobiles for manual and dual-clutch transmissions.

The synchronizer hub has inside and outside splines whereas the outside has three notches, formed from external teeth, a rim, and a boss, with different thicknesses.

It requires the high-strength to resist torque transmitting and high hardness to resist sliding with the sleeve that meets with the external teeth.

At BLUE, we provide hassle-free and high-strength premium powder metallurgy solutions for auto-synchronizing hubs.

Synchronizer Hub Automotive

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BLUE is one of the leading automotive powder metallurgy parts suppliers in China, providing tight-tolerance, premium quality, and fine-pitched powdered metal parts including oil pumps, gears, pulleys, shock absorbers etc. Our manufactured products are ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949: 2016 certified by quality management systems.

We have advanced powder metals production and testing equipment with a standardized quality assurance system that guarantees the excellent quality of our powder metallurgy parts in a larger capacity.

We provide complete design and engineering services from prototype through production with the capability of creating complex, precision powder metallurgy parts and components that can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications.

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Powdered Metallurgy Components for the Automotive Industry

Our powder metallurgy technology supports from concept development to full production capabilities to meet the ever-increasing demand of automotive parts.   

Why Choose BLUE for Powder Metallurgy Automotive Solutions?

We combine our extensive portfolio of technology and quality materials to manufacture the most efficient powder metallurgy automotive solution for your specific requirements.

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The PM tooling for the efficient manufacture of quality powder metal parts refers to the design, development, and manufacturing of specialized molds.

PM parts are made from powdered metal via powder metallurgy which helps to control elements like porosity, shape, and design in the production process.

Standard parts are used as the building blocks in various industries. Using standard parts makes it convenient and offers multiple different types and sizes.

The powder metallurgy parts made by the metal injection molding process are ideal to produce small size, complex shapes metal components.