Your Expert Sintered Bushing Manufacturer in China

BLUE is an experienced manufacturer of various sintered bushings or bearings. The following tells about our qualities as your reliable supplier.

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High-Quality Control

BLUE works with strict quality control tests, guaranteeing sintered bearing quality performance and precision.

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Standard Oil Bushings

More than 10,000 types of copper, iron and copper-iron-based standard sintered bearings for choose.

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OEM Service

Our company provides specific bearing supplies according to your requests. That includes sizes, oil rates, tolerances, etc.

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Prompt Delivery

Along with our complete manufacturing systems and transportation, we ensure prompt delivery as agreed.

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Our Manufactured High-Quality Sintered Bearings

BLUE has a professional R&D team that constantly develops innovative sintered bearings. And below are some of our produced powder metallurgy-made bushing by application and forms.

1-Sintered Bronze Bush Image

Sintered Bronze Bush

In order to obtain a higher oil content, the density of the powder metallurgy sintered bronze bushing is generally 5.8~6.2g/cm3.

3-Sintered Bronze Bearings Image

Sintered Bronze Bearings

The oil content of the powder metallurgy sintered bronze bushings is generally controlled between 15% and 18%, which can play a self-lubricating role.

5-Sintered Iron Bushings Image

Sintered Iron Bushings

The raw materials of powder metallurgy sintered iron bushings are mostly pure iron powder, or 1%~3% copper is added to improve the compressibility.

4-Sintered Brass Bushing Image

Sintered Brass Bushing

The sintering temperature of powder metallurgy sintered brass bushing is generally 750~780 degrees Celsius, and the lubricant must be completely removed.

2-Sintered Metal Bushing Image

Sintered Metal Bushing

Powder metallurgy sintered metal bushings mainly include iron, bronze and copper-iron materials, such as: F-0005, FC-0205 and CuSn10.

7-Flanged Oilite Bushings Image

Oil Impregnated Bearings

Oil-impregnated bearings are self-lubricating bushes made by powder metallurgy technology, and the oil in the pores will flow out automatically.

7-Flanged Oilite Bushings Image

Flanged Oilite Bushings

The flanged oilite bushings have an extra step to fix the position of the bushing, and its lubrication function is the same as that of ordinary bushings.

8 Sintered Bronze Sleeve Bearing Image

Sintered Bronze Sleeve Bearing

The sintered bronze sleeve bearing process mainly includes forming, sintering, vacuum oil immersion and sizing, and BLUE strictly controls each step.

9-Sintered Bearing Image

Sintered Bearing

BLUE has more than 10,000 models of standard sintered bearing of iron and bronze materials, all models can provide free samples for testing.

1-Powder Metallurgy Products-OEM & ODM

How It Works

The sintered bushing is also known as a sintered bearing. This type of bushing has a self-lubricating capacity – supporting specific applications.

It’s called oil-impregnated since lubrication fills their pore structures. When in use, these oils will film all over the surface. But remain in the bushing pores if they on used.

Although they are self-lubricated, the oil supply is also ideal for protection. This feature enables the sintered bushings to perform efficiently at high-frequency applications.

Advantageous Features

The sintered bushings have features that make them excellent for use.

  • Lifelong Lubrication: The sintered bushings have impregnated lubricants that can last for prolonged service usage.
  • No Maintenance Needed: Sintered bushings don’t need maintenance because they can produce the necessary fluids for operational flow.
  • Maximum Precision: All bushings provide excellent precision capabilities for regular and custom-required functions.
  • Low Friction Coefficients: With depot and self-lubricants, its functionality is at optimum performance and high endurance.
  • Accredited Certifications: They are all accredited with quality approval of ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and OHSAS 18001.
2-Sintered Bushing Advantageous Features
2-Sintered Bushing Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

With high-quality features, many industries in various fields prefer sintered bushing. Listed below are some areas in which they’re well-used.

  • Automotives
  • Carpentry machinery
  • Food processing
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Packaging companies
  • Electrical equipment
  • Agricultural toolings
  • Appliances
  • And More

Manufacturing Process

There are involved six stages of procedures in the manufacturing of sintered bushing. The process starts with raw materials by turning them into a powder.

After that, the next phase is mixing powder to its required exact proportions. That will enable the creation of forming a blank powder.

Compression molding comes following. Materials are then loaded for molding after the mixing procedure is complete. It undergoes compression by intense pressure to achieve the desired shape, density, and form.

However, sintering performs this function for complex structures.

Dimensioning, the fifth process, increases dimensional accuracy. It involves putting pressure on the mold once more. Post-treatment is conducted for the final step, if necessary.

This last step in producing sintered bushing improves the mechanical part’s durability.

3-Sintered Bushing Manufacturing Process
4-Sintered Bushing Maxown In-Laboratory Services

BLUE In-Laboratory Services

We extend a special offer by bringing complete solutions to round out our service. Thus, we offer in-laboratory services such as those listed below.

  • Material Analysis: Test the chemical composition of iron-based, copper-based and iron-copper alloys.
  • Dimension Testing: Confirms that the requested product measurements comply.
  • Density: The high and low density determines the high and low oil content.
  • Oil Rating: The oil content directly determines the service life and self-lubricating effect.

Main Powder Metallurgy Equipment List | BLUE

BLUE possesses an extensive selection of powder metallurgy equipment, encompassing compacting, sintering, sizing, and machining processes. This advanced machinery empowers the production of high-quality powder metal parts, renowned for their precision and excellence.





1-Powder Metallurgy Products Powder Mixing Machine

Powder Mixing Machine

50 Ton/day

2 units

2-Powder Metallurgy Products 25-500 Ton Compacting Machine

25-500 Ton Compacting Machine


26 units

3-Powder Metallurgy Products Sintered Furnace

Sintered Furnace

 3 Ton/day

1 unit

4-Powder Metallurgy Products 50-600 Ton Sizing Machine

50-600 Ton Sizing Machine


11 units

5-Powder Metallurgy Products Steam Treatment Furnace

Steam Treatment Furnace

1 Ton/day

1 unit

6-Powder Metallurgy Products Hardening Furnace

Hardening Furnace

1.5 Ton/day

1 unit

7-Powder Metallurgy Products CNC Machining Machines

CNC Machining Machines


17 units

BLUE Sintered Bearings - Material Options

Since sintered bushings are used in different industries, we made them available in various materials. Each material provides capabilities and advantages to specific usages. Consider below.

Oil Bushing MOB001-1


Bronze is a typical material utilized for sintering bearings. Their copper and tin composition offers numerous advantages.

  • Versatile
  • Resist corrosion
  • Wear resistant
  • Reliable
  • Ideal for appliances and machines
  • Affordable


Oil Bushing MOB003-1


The iron-made bearings are combined with about 1%~3% copper. It provides the following capabilities.

  • Good bearing feature
  • Enhanced strength
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Suitable for automotive and machines tools


Sintered-Iron-Copper-Bushing MOB005

Copper Iron

Sintering bearings using copper-iron materials achieve the following properties.

  • Enhanced compressive strength
  • Withstand shock impacts
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • Works with hardened shafts


More about BLUE's Powder Metallurgy Products

BLUE pays great attention to production details, mature manufacturing processes, advanced equipment and strict quality control inspection to ensure their products are precise, accurate and of the highest quality.

How does BLUE Produce Powder Metallurgy Products?

BLUE employs advanced technology and skilled personnel to manufacture and inspect high-quality powder metallurgy molds and other accessories.

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The sintered bronze material is mainly CuSn10, and does not contain Plumbum elements.

Sintered brass materials are mostly 663 models, which are rarely used with 3% Pb.

Sintered iron-based materials have the lowest cost, BLUE always add 1%~3% copper.

The sintered copper-iron-based material is added with 15%~25% copper, which reduces the cost.

Frequently Asked Question

Considering several factors when selecting sintered bushings is essential. Here are the primary point suggestions.

  • Ensure the material choice, dimensions, oil rates, and shapes.
  • Verify the included services supplied if an item needs specific specs.
  • Most importantly, take note of the tolerance, assembly procedure, and other relevant parameters required to receive package customizations.

Lubricants are the critical component that impacts a sintered bushings lifespan.

They must be compatible with the chosen oil to support their viscosity, temperature behaviour, and startup wear.

If all of these conditions are maintained, it lasts for decades.

The price of sintered bushings relies on their demand features.

For a lower price, order in bulky quantities to receive a factory price at MOQ.

For example, if the size is Φ10*Φ5*10mm and purchased 1,000 pieces in iron material – each will only cost $0.025/pcs.

Although both bushing types provide excellent performance, they differ in working functionality.

For instance, the sintered bushing structure enables them to hold oils for working, but polymers don’t require lubrication.

They can freely operate, no matter the sort of movement.