BLUE - Your Trusted Sintered Parts Manufacturer in China

BLUE is your experience manufacturer in China. We provide custom-sintered parts for a variety of industries with the following advantages:

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No.1 Sintered Parts Shop

More than 10,000 standard sintered parts are in stock without mold fee, free samples for testing before ordering.

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5,000+ New Parts / Year

We customize more than 5000 kinds of sintered parts every year for customers all over the world.

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30 Days Fast Production

Only takes 30 days to complete from mold design, compacting, sintering, sizing, inspecting and packaging.

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24 Hours for Quotation

Send us your drawings, samples or text us your requirements, you will get fast quotation in 1 day or less.

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BLUE Custom Sintered Metal Parts

Our company can manufacture various sintered components. We ensure their compatibility with your specific applications.

Sintered Sprocket MSS005-1

Sintered Sprockets

The sprockets have sturdy wheel teeth that lock when spinning. They are either used for vehicles or machines where rotary motions are employed. Moreover, they are ideal for various applications.

Powder Metallurgy Eccentric Wheel MEW016-1

Sintered Tensioners

The use of a tensioner is to maintain or create tension. It ensures the timing of a chain and is an essential component for engines. There are also various types of them.

Powder Metallurgy Gear MSG008-1

Sintered Gears

The gears are a mechanism used for rotational motion equipment. Since there are many types of equipment, they also are available in numerous shapes and tooth designs.

Powder Metallurgy Flange MSFL014

Sintered Flanges

In piping systems, the flanges connect valves and other components. Its design is usually screwed and welded, providing easy access. That includes modification and cleaning.

Oil Bushing MOB002-1

Sintered Bushings

The clamps are a fastening device. Its functions are to hold the components. They prevent potential movement that separates the components on pressure. 

Shock Absorber Part P2

Sintered Pistons

There are many featured parts for the pistons. It has a piston head, pin bore, ring lands, and more. The function of this component is converting fuel for driving.

Powder Metallurgy Coupler MSC004-1

Sintered Couplings

As a mechanical device, the coupling connects the shaft. As a result, power transmission is possible at the ends. It has flexibility that is ideal for this use.

Sintered Impeller MSI009-1

Sintered Gerotor

The gerotor motor has lobes and functions as a positive displacement pump. Which makes it possible to decrease friction, enhance performance at slow speeds, and more.

Powder Metallurgy Pulley MSP082

Sintered Pulley

The plumbing fittings are a component used for controlling liquid flow. It's available for numerous materials. They also vary in type and size. Perfect for customization demand.

Sintering Metal Parts Planetary Gear Set

Sintering Metal Parts

Powder metallurgy (PM) sintered metal parts are components manufactured through the powder metallurgy process, specifically sintering.

Metal powders are mixed, compacted, and then heated in a controlled atmosphere to bond the particles together without melting them.

This results in a solid, porous structure with improved strength and density. Powder metallurgy sintered metal parts offer excellent dimensional accuracy, uniformity, and mechanical properties.

They find applications in various industries and can be customized with complex shapes and intricate details. Examples include gears, bearings, bushings, and structural components.

Secondary operations like machining and heat treatment may follow to achieve final specifications.

Sintered Metal Parts Benefits

Sintering numerous metal parts for every application offers extensive benefits. That includes the following.

  • Accurate Shapes: The sintering process achieves your specific metal parts. They perfectly form even complicated metal shapes.
  • Eco-Friendly Process: The sintering metal process is certified eco-friendly. That is due to less material waste, recyclable parts, and energy-saving outcomes.
  • Great Finishes: Sintered parts typically possess low roughness. They achieve better surfaces than metal parts formed from machines.
  • Reliable Production: The sintering process comes with stable tools, providing reliable and repeatable sintered parts in massive production.
  • High Volume Production: The powder metallurgy process can provide a huge number of orders through advanced compacting, sintering and sizing equipment.
Sintered Metal Parts Benefits for Lock Fitting
6-Mechanical Equipment Sintered Filter Element

Sintered Parts Applications

Sintered metal components are helpful in different industries and applications. Consider the following.

  • Home appliances
  • Aircrafts
  • Instruments
  • Construction Machines
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Business Equipment
  • Electric Tools
  • Machine Accessories
  • And More

BLUE Manufacturing Capability

BLUE professionally manufactures sintered parts with high complexity and accuracy.

We can produce every industry’s needed parts through our series of powder metal automation.

Our team performs pressing, sintering, sizing, hardening, and various procedures.

Along with our expert workers, we can control the densities according to materials and applications.

We maintained a good reputation for extensive years of manufacturing sintered parts and related products.

Various metal fabrication solutions are offered through powder metallurgy automation.

3-Powder Metallurgy Products-25T to 500T Compacting Machine
5-Powder Metallurgy Products-100% Inspection Before Shipping

Sintered Metal Parts Inspection

At BLUE, conducting a thorough inspection of all products prior to shipping is deemed indispensable to guarantee adherence to the desired standards of quality and performance.

This meticulous process entails a comprehensive assessment of each product to detect any possible flaws or concerns that could impede its functionality.

Through the rigorous implementation of this inspection procedure, BLUE endeavours to uphold its standing as a manufacturer of top-notch powder metallurgy products that not only meet but surpass customer expectations.

Furthermore, the company’s unwavering commitment to quality control serves to mitigate the potential risks associated with product recalls, returns, or customer complaints, ultimately fostering a high level of customer satisfaction.

Main Powder Metallurgy Equipment List | BLUE

BLUE boasts a comprehensive array of powder metallurgy equipment, including compacting, sintering, sizing, and machining processes. These advanced tools and techniques are instrumental in the production of superior powder metal parts known for their exceptional quality and precision.





1-Powder Metallurgy Products Powder Mixing Machine

Powder Mixing Machine

50 Ton/day

2 units

2-Powder Metallurgy Products 25-500 Ton Compacting Machine

25-500 Ton Compacting Machine


26 units

3-Powder Metallurgy Products Sintered Furnace

Sintered Furnace

 3 Ton/day

1 unit

4-Powder Metallurgy Products 50-600 Ton Sizing Machine

50-600 Ton Sizing Machine


11 units

5-Powder Metallurgy Products Steam Treatment Furnace

Steam Treatment Furnace

1 Ton/day

1 unit

6-Powder Metallurgy Products Hardening Furnace

Hardening Furnace

1.5 Ton/day

1 unit

7-Powder Metallurgy Products CNC Machining Machines

CNC Machining Machines


17 units

Sintered Parts by Metal Materials

BLUE engages in the design of a wide range of sintered parts, utilizing a diverse selection of powder metal materials. This encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following options:

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF042-1

Sintering Stainless Steel Parts

  • Saves more material
  • Lesser labor needs
  • Flexible to form various shapes
  • Tight tolerance
  • Beneficial appearance and mechanical features
  • Reduced production procedure


Powder Metallurgy Lock Fitting MLF014-1

Sintered Carbon Steel Parts

  • Wear resistant
  • High precision
  • Managed compositions
  • Managed porosity
  • Easy to shape even the complex parts
  • Excellent surface finishes
  • High hardness


Oil Bushing MOB001-1

Sintering Copper Parts

  • Mainly used for automotive fields
  • High strength and tolerance
  • Less machining process
  • Saves material and energy
  • Low production cost
  • Customizable
  • Can form different precise shapes


Sintered Bevel Gear MBG001-1

Sintering Iron-Nickel Parts

  • Provides high rigidity
  • High wear-resistant parts
  • Endure substantial impacts
  • Practical for heat-treatable design components


More about BLUE's Powder Metallurgy Sintered Parts

BLUE places a strong emphasis on the finer aspects of production, employing mature manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and rigorous quality control inspections. These measures are taken to ensure that their products are characterized by precision, accuracy, and the utmost level of quality.

How does BLUE inspect sintered parts?

Each part will be strictly inspected 4 times during the production process, which includes raw material incoming inspection, first part inspection before batch, sampling inspection during production and finished product storage inspection.

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Material inspection is mainly to analyze whether the chemical composition of the material meets the requirements.

The first part inspection before batching is to prevent the entire batch of parts from being rejected or scrapped.

Random sampling is to prevent dimensional deviation due to mold wear or other reasons during the production process.

The final inspection is the second confirmation of product quality, in order to ensure that customers receive qualified products.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Other than metal sintering, there are different process options. Below is some example of them.

  • Ceramic Sintering
  • Metallic Powder
  • Plastic Sintering
  • Microwave Sintering
  • Spark Plasma
  • Electro Sinter Forging
  • Pressureless Sintering

There are factors based on how long the process takes to complete.

They depend on the materials, techniques, melting point, thermal conductivity, self-diffusion coefficients, and other associated methods

Producing parts with greater residual porosity and density is another reason why longer-phase processes are usually preferred.

Normal, BLUE takes around 30 days from mold design, compacting, sizing, inspecting and packing.

The impact of sintering has a variety of reasons worth highlighting.

They can add a lot of essential aspects to the parts, like imparting strength, enhancing conductivity, materials integrity, and more.