BLUE - Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Manufacturer

BLUE specializes in the production of powder metallurgy sintered stainless steel filters, which are made from 304 and 316 stainless steel.

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1,000+ Standard Filters

Download our catalog for all standard powder metallurgy sintered filters without any tooling fees.

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Experienced Supplier

With ample experience, BLUE supplies customers with premium quality sintered SS filters worldwide.

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OEM & ODM Support

We focus on sintered SS filter design developments, providing the ideal specification per your requirements.

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Quality Assurance

Our complete equipment achieves excellent quality sintered SS filters with accurate measurements.

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Our Sintered Stainless Steel Filters in Different Structures

BLUE can design standard and custom sintered SS filters in different sizes, filtration ratings, and pore sizes, making them suitable for various applications.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF040-4

Sintered Stainless Steel

Sintered stainless steel can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for applications involving hot fluids or gases. They maintain their structural integrity and filtration efficiency even in extreme heat.

SS Sintered Filter Cartridge

SS Sintered Filter Cartridge

Many SS sintered filter cartridges consist of multiple layers with varying pore sizes. This design allows for efficient removal of particles at different levels of filtration, enhancing overall performance.

Sintered Filter Bronze filter MSF020-4

Sintered Steel Filter

These filters come in a range of micron ratings, allowing for precise filtration based on the desired level of particle removal. They can effectively filter particles as small as a few microns, making them suitable for applications requiring fine filtration.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF042-1

Sintered Stainless Steel Tube

Sintered stainless steel tubes have excellent mechanical strength and maintain their shape and structural integrity under pressure, ensuring consistent filtration performance.

Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

In pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, sintered metal filter cartridges can be sterilized through autoclaving or other methods to ensure the removal of bacteria and microorganisms from liquids and gases.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF036-4

Sintered Porous Stainless Steel Filters

Manufacturers can control the porosity during the production process, allowing for customization to meet specific filtration requirements. Higher porosity allows for greater flow rates but may reduce particle retention.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF041-4

Sintered Stainless

Sintered stainless filter offers excellent filtration efficiency due to its intricate pore structure. They can effectively remove contaminants, such as solids and particulates, from fluids and gases.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF039-4

Sintered Stainless Filter

Sintered stainless filters are made from finely powdered stainless steel particles that are compacted and heated (sintered) to form a porous structure.

Sintered Filter Stainless Steel filter MSF043-4

Sintered SS Filters

They find applications in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, petrochemicals, water treatment, and automotive, where reliable filtration is essential for product quality and safety.

1-Powder Metallurgy Products-OEM & ODM

Comprehensive Filter Uses

  • Cryogenic Fluids
  • Compressed Air
  • Gas and Liquid Separation 
  • Power Generator
  • Food Process
  • Nitrogen Filtration
  • Water Treatment 
  • Super-Heated Steam
  • High-Temperature Liquids
  • And More 

Manufacturing Details & Process

In fabricating stainless steel filters, filter pore size is essential. That is because the filter’s functionality relies on these factors. It helps determine the filter flow rate and pressure drop. 

Also, the powder particles and stainless steel density are significant elements in defining pore dimensions. These elements affect the pore distribution in filter finalization outcomes. 

Compression is among the additional procedures involved. It facilitates the attainment of the intended filter dimensions.

The next step is sintering, a process that improves their durability. After these procedures, sintered stainless steel filters are ready for structural or mechanical purposes. 

2-Powder Metallurgy Products-Testing & Inspecting Laboratory
3-Powder Metallurgy Products-25T to 500T Compacting Machine

Wide Advantages

  • Chemical characteristics are suitable for almost all elements.
  • Maximum Filtration Efficiency at High Temperatures of Operation.
  • ISO Approved quality standard.
  • Available with filtration microns ranging from 0.2 to 200um.
  • 24 months service life expectancy.
  • Reusable and washable for conventional benefits.
  • Large filtration surface area by design.
  • Available for customization on all required aspect dimensions or features.

Resistance Capacity

The sintered stainless steel filters have an exceptional resistance capacity in various conditions.

They operate exceptionally well, even in high-temperature applications. 

Sintered stainless steel filters have a high resistance capacity, making them function effectively even after being subjected to gases, chemicals, and other substances.

4 Powder Metallurgy Products ISO 9001 IATF 16949 Certified
5-Powder Metallurgy Products-100% Inspection Before Shipping

Filtration Rating Test

At BLUE, 100% inspection before shipping is considered an essential step to ensure that the delivered products meet the required standards of quality and performance.

This process involves a comprehensive inspection of every product to identify any potential defects or issues that may affect its functionality.

By implementing this stringent inspection process, BLUE aims to maintain its reputation for producing high-quality powder metallurgy products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

The company’s commitment to quality control also helps to minimize the risk of product recalls, returns, or customer complaints, which can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

More about BLUE's Powder Metallurgy Products

BLUE pays great attention to production details, mature manufacturing processes, advanced equipment and strict quality control inspection to ensure their products are precise, accurate and of the highest quality.

Main Powder Metallurgy Equipment List | BLUE

BLUE has various powder metallurgy equipment involving compacting, sintering, sizing and machining processes for the production of high-quality powder metal parts.





1-Powder Metallurgy Products Powder Mixing Machine

Powder Mixing Machine

50 Ton/day

2 units

2-Powder Metallurgy Products 25-500 Ton Compacting Machine

25-500 Ton Compacting Machine


26 units

3-Powder Metallurgy Products Sintered Furnace

Sintered Furnace

 3 Ton/day

1 unit

4-Powder Metallurgy Products 50-600 Ton Sizing Machine

50-600 Ton Sizing Machine


11 units

5-Powder Metallurgy Products Steam Treatment Furnace

Steam Treatment Furnace

1 Ton/day

1 unit

6-Powder Metallurgy Products Hardening Furnace

Hardening Furnace

1.5 Ton/day

1 unit

7-Powder Metallurgy Products CNC Machining Machines

CNC Machining Machines


17 units

Frequently Asked Question

There are multiple stainless steel grades available to form sintered filters. That includes the following.

  • SS304
  • SS316
  • SS316L
  • Custom as requested

Selecting the ideal sintered SS filters involves five things. Consider the following. 

  • Material: Sintered Bronzes, Stainless Steel, Titanium Alloys and Plastics.
  • Filtration Rating: 0.5~80um
  • Pore Size: 10~160um
  • Operating temperature: 600°C Max
  • Porosity: 25%~50%
  • Stainless steels are in-demand materials used for sintering custom filters due to their numerous advantages.

    • Durability
    • More excellent filtration performance
    • Applicability to a comprehensive range of purposes

There is the primary reason that affects sintered stainless steel filter service life. Here are the most common causes. 

  1. Unstable and frequent fluctuations flow
  2. When the pretreatment procedure and operating setting are incompatible
  3. The filter’s material quality is low.