Powder Metallurgy Water Pump Pulley

BLUE delivers top-notch powder metallurgy water pump pulleys for the automotive industry and serves customers across the globe. We have the most advanced equipment, a team of professionals with extensive expertise, and stable quality control.

Advantages of Powder Metallurgy Pulleys | BLUE

1-Water Pump Pulley Advantage Aftermarket Only

Aftermarket Only

Our powder metallurgy pulleys are specifically designed for the aftermarket of automotive water pumps, ensuring high-quality performance and compatibility.

2-Water Pump Pulley Advantage All Vehicle Models

All Vehicle Models

Our powder metallurgy pulley provides an extensive fitment range, making it compatible with nearly all automotive models on the market.

3-Water Pump Pulley Advantage Standard Pulleys

Standard Pulleys

Our extensive selection comprises over thousands of standard powder metallurgy pulleys, allowing customers the freedom to choose according to their needs.

4-Water Pump Pulley Advantage 1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

All BLUE powder metallurgy pulleys come with a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

BLUE Standard Powder Metallurgy Pulleys

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1-Powder Metallurgy Pulley Process

Powder Metallurgy Pulley | Process

The BLUE powder metallurgy water pump pulley is a meticulously crafted product that undergoes a controlled manufacturing process.

With precision, each pulley goes through steps such as mixing, compacting, sintering, deburring, sizing, blackening, cleaning, inspecting, and packaging.

Every stage is closely monitored and inspected to ensure compliance with the necessary technical standards.

These pulleys are specifically designed for reliability and exceptional performance, making them ideal for automotive applications.

From the careful blending of materials to the final quality checks and packaging, meticulous attention is paid to every detail.

Water Pump Pulley | Material

BLUE’s primarily use iron-copper-based powder and iron-based alloys such as iron-carbon alloy (steel) and iron-copper alloy (bronze).

These materials offer exceptional strength, wear resistance, and machinability, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

The atomized raw materials used in our pulleys have powder particles ranging from 100 to 120 mesh, while their density ranges from 6.4 to 7.2 grams per cubic centimetre (g/cm³), guaranteeing superior quality and performance.

Our water pump pulley adheres to standards such as American standard MPIF F-0005/FC-0205/FC-0208, German standard DIN SINT C11 or Russian standard F50 U3 66. 

2-Water Pump Pulley Material
3-Sintered Pulley Accuracy

Sintered Pulley | Accuracy

The precision of the sintered pulley is contingent on whether the part undergoes a sizing process.

With sizing process: 

  • Surface roughness: Ra0.8
  • Dimensional tolerance: 0.01-0.015mm

Without sizing process: 

  • Surface roughness: Ra1.6
  • Dimensional tolerance: 0.025-0.05mm

However, it is worth noting that opting for a sizing process incurs additional mold and operating costs. This process plays a crucial role in attaining the desired level of precision for the pulley, ensuring accurate dimensions and surface finish.

Powder Metal Pulley | Finish

The powder metal water pump pulley, after undergoing steam treatment, achieves a surface hardness of HRB60-90.

This heat treatment process creates a controlled oxide layer on the surface of ferrous-based metal components, providing increased corrosion resistance, hardness, density, and magnetic properties.

Steam treatment also helps seal porosity and improve wear characteristics. With precise control of time, temperature, and atmosphere, the desired finish is achieved.

Parts are placed in a steaming unit, heated to approximately 1000°F, and exposed to steam. The reaction forms an oxide layer (Fe3O4) on the component’s surface, resulting in a distinctive blue/black finish.

Steam treatment offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing component properties in various applications.

4-Powder Metal Pulley Finish

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In addition to powder metallurgy water pump pulley, BLUE also supplies standard automotive water pump flanges, oil pump rotor & gears, ABS sensor rings and other products.

Why Choose BLUE’s Powder Metallurgy Water Pump Pulley?

Choose our powder metallurgy water pump pulley for its exceptional quality, reliability, and superior performance in automotive applications.

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All of our powder metallurgy water pump pulleys are standard parts without mold fees.

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